UNICORN is capable of satisfying all the electromechanical requirements. Our major focus is on commercial and residential buildings as well as on the industrial requirements. We are in to the Design and Execution of Turnkey MEP solutions including Air conditioning, Electrical installations Plumbing works and the Fire protection works for the Offices, Commercial/residential buildings, warehouses, villas and medium industries. And thus, we are already listed as the nominated contractor for many known consultants and developers in UAE.

We are committed to our environment and thus, we assure we are providing the perfect design and solutions to our clients. We also undertake design and execution of “green offices” for the LEED Certification under USGBC. The list of LEED certified projects we involved includes Tecom, Dubai Chamber, Bovis Lend lease, Interface, Gemaco Interiors showroom etc..

Apart from the installations, we provide Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) of the Air conditioning systems for the offices and commercial & residential buildings.

We are providing services in the Emirates Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi in the field of MEP contracting for buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, show rooms etc. We consider our satisfied clients as our greatest assets.
Various activities on which we are specialized are,

  • Air Conditioning
  • Electrical Installations
  • Plumbing Installations
  • Fire Alarm Installations
  • Solar Power Plant Installations


  • Design Supply and Erection of chilled water systems, pumps, chilled water piping and installations of Chillers, FAHUs, AHUs and FCUs etc.
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Ducted Split, Decorative and Packaged AC units.
  • Design, Fabrication and Erection of GI & Pre-Insulated Ducts and Aluminum cladding.
  • Design and preparation of necessary drawings and Heat load Calculations.
  • Arrangement of all the necessary permissions and approvals.

Air conditioning mechanical process for controlling the humidity, temperature, cleanliness, and circulation of air in buildings and rooms. Indoor air is conditioned and regulated to maintain the temperature-humidity ratio that is most comfortable and healthful. In the process, dust, soot, and pollen are filtered out, and the air may be sterilized, as is sometimes done in hospitals and public places.

Most air-conditioning units operate by ducting air across the colder, heat-absorbing side of a refrigeration apparatus and directing it back into the air-conditioned space .The refrigeration apparatus is controlled by some form of thermostat. In water-cooled air-conditioning units, the waste heat is carried away by a flow of water. For recirculation in water-cooled units, a cooling tower is used. This apparatus maintains a constant level of water in the system.


  • Design and installations of the Electrical power systems, low current systems, structured cabling for the commercial, industrial and residential buildings.
  • Supply and installation of the Electrical power systems including LV panels, SMDBs and DBs as per the international and DEWA regulations.
  • Design and Preparation of necessary drawings and Load Schedules.
  • Arrangement of all the necessary permissions and approvals including DEWA.
  • Supply and Installations of Structured Cabling works as per the Etisalat/Du Requirements.


  • Supply and Installations of the Fire alarm systems including Smoke detectors, Heat detectors and FACPs.
  • Installations of the fire alarm systems as per the Dubai Civil Defense Requirements.
  • Supply and installation of sprinklers, Fire hose reel, Fire Extinguishers, FE 36, FM 200 systems with proper pipe works as per the requirements of Dubai civil defense and NFPA standards.

Fire Protection System Design

Unicorn engineers provide complete fire protection engineering services for the building community, beginning with c
onceptual engineering, to detailed engineering and construction documents, to construction observation and final acceptance test monitoring.

Our fire engineering design services include the design of:
• Fire alarm systems
• Automatic sprinkler systems


  • Design and installations of the Domestic and Drainage water pipelines.
  • Installations of the sanitary equipments, Water heaters with necessary pipe works for the hot and cold water pipelines.
  • Design and Preparation of necessary drawings.
  • Arrangement of all the necessary permissions and approvals including DEWA and Dubai Municipality.

Plumbing is the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and the drainage of waste. The plumbing industry is a basic and substantial part of every developed economy due to the need for clean water, and proper collection and transport of wastes. Plumbing also refers to a system of pipes and fixtures installed in a building for the distribution of potable water and the removal of waterborne wastes. Plumbing is usually distinguished from water and sewage systems, in that a plumbing system serves one building, while water and sewage systems serve a group of buildings or a city. We do  all types of Plumbing, Drainage and Sanitary fixing works, PVC pipe works, PPR pipe works, Copper pipe works, High pressure line works, Recycling systems, all types of sauna and  Swimming – pool works, Irrigation line works etc.

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Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun’s energy and make it useable. No greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when you use solar panels to create electricity and because the sun provides more energy than we’ll ever need, electricity from solar power is a very important energy source in the movement for clean energy production.

Realizing an environment-conscious solution is a ‘need’ and not a ‘luxury’ and therefore endeavour to make it more affordable while maintaining high-quality standards. The challenges of Global Warming and detriments posed by energy generation from fossil fuels provide an obvious choice to move towards protecting our environment and safeguarding our future. Appreciating the growing need for decreasing reliance on non-renewable energy sources, we aim to provide you with all the technology and solutions you need to reduce the carbon footprint of your home, your business and your life.

  • Solar module internal dressing
  • High Tension cable laying & termination
  • Excavation, Soft filling, Backfilling crowning
  • DC cable laying, Solar & Auxiliary cable laying and termination
  • Erection and Termination for equipment’s like Inverter, Transformer & RMU
  • Inverter station foundations for cable tray, string combiner box, weather station & lightning arrester

Benefits of Solar Installation:

  • Diverse applications
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reduces Electricity Bills
  • Technology development
  • Renewable energy source